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New Zealand Just Declared a Climate Emergency. What’s Next?

New Zealand Just Declared a Climate Emergency. What’s Next? Pledging carbon neutrality is a start, but we need more. This week, Aotearoa New Zealand joined 32 other countries and more than 1800 municipalities in declaring a climate emergency. The notion passed in Parliament 76–43 with only the National and ACT parties holding out. While it may seem like a good step moving forward, will it be accompanied by actions, or is it virtue signaling at its finest? New Zealand has been touted many time

Why Blogging Matters for Small Businesses

It may seem time-consuming, but the ROI is worth it. As a small business owner, you care a lot about getting new customers or clients. It doesn’t matter if your business is a small bakery, a sustainable fashion brand, or freelancing services — the result is the same. You need clients to stay in business. Sometimes, getting those clients is straightforward and easy. You’ve created a service or good that draws people in naturally. But maybe your product is a bit more niche or has problems competi

The Beauty of A Gift Economy

What is the Buy Nothing Project? The Buy Nothing Project was founded in 2013 as a way for communities to come together through gifting, lending, and receiving goods and services. All for free. It was started in Washington State, but has since spread across the world to more than 40 countries. These groups are hosted through Facebook and are usually restricted to geographical areas. This keeps the groups local, manageable, and community-centered to “give where you live.”

Theater in the Time of Covid – Corduroy

Our world is no longer “normal” thanks to COVID 19. We work from home (mostly in our PJ’s) and limit our time outside. While technology has made this transition possible in many industries, it isn’t as simple for others. Performance artists rely on live interaction with people for their jobs. Stand-up comedians, stage actors, and even late night talk show hosts all normally perform in front of live audiences. But what happens when live audiences disappear? Artists get creative. Well, more creative.

Watching the News From 6000 Miles Away

Life as an American expat in the year 2020. I recently just passed my one year anniversary of moving abroad from the US. It’s only been 365 days, yet it’s felt like a lifetime and a half. I never imagined that my first year abroad would be so dramatic. Of course, going into it, I knew it was an election year and things back home would get interesting. Little did I know that the election would be the mere tip of the iceberg for this crazy, crazy year.

Ethical Investing and Why it Matters

A snapshot look at how to get started putting your money where your vote is. The word investing probably invokes a lot of feelings in you. Maybe you’re a Wall Street Bro that hears it and wants to dive straight into talking about day trading. Or maybe you want to hide under your bed and forget about the fact that you haven’t even contributed to your 401K, or even fully understand what it is. Investing can be a daunting task. From mutual funds and IRAs to stocks and cryptocurrency, there are a

Random Acts of Cardness

Sending recipes, advice, and kindness to strangers around the world has never been easier thanks to technology. During a global pandemic, staying connected is vital for many people’s sanity. To many people, staying connected from a distance would include social media, texting, and video calls. But one way that many might view as unusual is staying connected via old fashioned snail mail. A few months ago I stumbled onto r/RandomActsofCards, a subreddit dedicated to sending postcards all across

6 Eco-Friendly Brands That Produce Ethical Jeans

Denim is a huge part of fashion. It’s sturdy, goes with just about anything, and can come in a variety of styles and colors. Unfortunately, though, denim is usually not ethical to produce. From the environmental impacts, such as water and chemical use, to the social impact, such as sweatshop labor and destroyed community resources, it is hard to produce sustainable jeans. Denim starts with the cotton plant. In order for the cotton plants to grow and thrive, water must be used. From irrigation

Christian Bale Shines as Dick Cheney in Vice

Adam McKay’s latest film, Vice hits theaters nationwide this week. Vice is a comedy-drama about Former Vice President Dick Cheney. The film stars Christian Bale as Cheney and Amy Adams as his wife, Lynne, along with Steve Carrell and Sam Rockwell. While it definitely has its faults, Christian Bale shines as Cheney and makes the movie a memorable one. Vice takes an in-depth look at the life and political career of Dick Cheney. It begins with his time as a congressional intern in the 1960s and en

Five Habits to Kick off 2019 Right

If you’re like me, you probably look to January 1st as a new beginning. A time to restart on goals that you might not have accomplished last year. The New Year is when many people set resolutions for themselves, many revolving around health. These are often hard to maintain though and many people give up on their goals in just a few weeks’ time. However, small habits can have a big impact, so I always believe it’s more important to start with those to reach your goals. Small Habits to Help You